Storage facilities

Winterstorage inside or outside Leeuwarden Friesland:

Are you looking for a centrally located winter storage space in Friesland? Then we are perfectly right for your needs. Watersport Twee Provincien offers both: winter parking / storage in a closed hall, as well as exterior winter storage with mast. Our spacious, insulated hall is approximately 2.500 m² in addition to our 7.000 m² outside space there is plenty of room for your boat to spend the winter.

Indoor storage

Capacity max 32 Tons

With a lift capacity of 32 tons, our Travelift can handle most ships, sailing or motor boats, effortlessly in and out of the water. We will clean your boat using high pressure water and park it on the selected location. In addition, you can order extra services such as new antifouling for the hull or engine maintenance.

Outdoor storage Watersport Tweeprovincieen Leeuwarden

Works while winter storage

During the winter period when your vessel or boat stands with us, we can offer you the following services:

  • • Put mast down and set mast
  • • Hull cleaning
  • • Body polish with protective wax
  • • Antifouling for the hull
  • • Great maintenance service
  • • Engine and inspection service
  • • Summer and winter preparation

In addition, we can provide: brush and paint, perform technical installations and repairs, or restore wood interiors.